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3D Printer Controller Set

3D Printer Controller Set
รหัสสินค้า AT12103
หมวดหมู่ 3D Printer Accessories
ราคา 1,200.00 บาท
แก้ไขล่าสุด 11 เม.ย. 2561
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This 3D printer control board combo set comprises of the following four main items;
• Arduino Mega 2560 micro-controller board.
• RAMPS 1.4 Reprap Mendel Prusa 3D printer control board (red/black).
• RAMPS 1.4 FR4 smart control board with LCD screen and rotary decoder.
• 5 x 2A micro stepper motor drivers A4988 (Pololu compatible). 
Also included in this combo set is a USB cable, 2 x 320mm ribbon cables and a smart adapter board. All the components are fully assembled and ready for use, no soldering is required.

Micro-controller: ATmega 2560
Operating Voltage: 5v
Input Voltage: 7~12v recommended
Input Voltage: 6~20v max limits
Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 15 provide PWM output)
Analog Input Pins: 16
D/C Current per I/O Pins: 40mA
DC Current for 3.3v Pin: 50mA
Flash Memory: 256KB of which 8KB is used by bootloader
Clock Speed: 16mhz

RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer Control Board:
The Robotale RAMPS 1.4 Reprap MendelPrusa 3D printer control board is Arduino compatible. It includes extruder control electronics sockets for easy service, part replacement, upgrade-ability and expansion, additionally, a number of Arduino expansion boards can be added to the system. Ramps boards are the heart of most DIY 3D printers on the market and a nice clean compact way to integrate all the systems into a compact enclosure.

• Expandable to control other accessories.
• 3 Mosfets for heater / fan outputs and 3 thermistor circuits.
• Fused at 5A for additional safety and component protection
• Heated bed control with additional 11A fuse
• Fits 5 Pololu stepper driver boards
• Pololu boards are on pin header sockets so they can be replaced easily or removed for use in future designs.
• I2C and SPI pins left available for future expansion.
• All the Mosfets are hooked into PWM pins for versatility.
• Servo style connectors are used to connect to the end stops, motors, and LEDs. These connectors are rated for 3A, very compact, and globally available.
• SD Card add on available
• LEDs indicate when heater outputs on

RAMPS 1.4 FR4 Control Board with LCD Screen and Rotary Controller:
This RAMPS 1.4 FR4 control board is a graphical user interface to control your 3D printer without the need for a direct computer connection. The Smart controller has an integrated SD card reader, rotary encoder with push button and an LCD display, allowing all types of actions from calibration to axis movements and direct G-code execution from the SD card slot.This controller is designed to plug directly into the RAMPS or Ultimaker type of breakout shields for direct 3D printer control.

Micro Stepper Motor Driver A4988.
The A4988 micro-stepping motor driver is a Pololu format compatible driver, ideal for Shield and breadboard compatibility. The A4988 at 2 amps capable and 35 volts of drive capacity makes this a perfect match for 3D printer all-in-one boards, such as “RAMPS” with plug and play compatibility.The micro stepper driver supports 5 step modes for bipolar stepper motors. The A4988 driver also supports automatic current decay, reducing motor noise, heat, and power consumption while increasing step accuracy.

• Low RDS output
• Automatic current decay mode detection
• Mix and slow current decay modes
• Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
• Internal UVLO
• Cross-current protection
• 3.3v and 5v compatible logic supply
• Thermal shutdown circuitry
• Ground fault protection
• Load short-circuit protection
• 5 step modes

Drive voltage: 5~35v
Logic voltage: 3.3~5v
Format: 16pin (Pololu format)
Drive amps: 2A

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